In the CL group at SDU, we are interested in the challenges brought by modern digital systems, such as big data systems, the Internet of Things, and data clouds: software, data, and systems are getting increasingly larger and complex, pushing beyond the limits of developing and analysing them manually. In our group, we develop theory and tools that automate crucial steps of the development and analysis processes, enhancing their efficiency and reliability.

Latest Events

On June 28th, we had a kickoff collaboration meeting with members of the Software Engineering section of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark: Kati Kuusinen, Sanja Lazarova-Molnar, and Elena Markoska. The collaboration will include shared research projects, lectures, and industrial summer courses on Microservices and DevOps.

On June 7th, Fabrizio Montesi and Saverio Giallorenzo visited Orgbogen, the largest web-based dictionary company in Denmark, together with other researchers from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA) at SDU.

At the meeting, we discussed future collaborations on how the latest techniques in Data Science, Cloud Computing, and the Danish National HPC Centre at the SDU eScience Center (the supercomputer Abacus 2.0) can be applied to Ordbogen’s setting.

On June 19th, Saverio Giallorenzo presented the paper “Applied Choreographies” at FORTE 2018.

In the paper, Giallorenzo, Montesi, and Gabbrielli proposed a solution to mediate the discrepancies between theoretical works on choreographic programming and their implementations (like Chor and AIOCJ), where many undocumented, unproven adaptations, weaken the reliability of results at the formal level.

FORTE is part of the DisCoTec series of federated conferences along with COORDINATION, DAIS and the ICE workshop. This year it was held at the School of Computer Science (Facultad de Informática) of the University Complutense of Madrid.

On May 21st, 2018 Saverio Giallorenzo co-chaired the Second International Workshop on Microservices: Agile and DevOps Experience (MADE18), co-located with the XP2018 conference in Porto, Portugal. The workshop has been a success, with 30+ attendees and highly participated presentations.