In the Concurrency and Logic (CL) group at SDU, we are interested in the challenges brought by modern digital systems, such as big data systems, the Internet of Things, and data clouds: software, data, and systems are getting increasingly larger and complex, pushing beyond the limits of developing and analysing them manually. In our group, we develop theory and tools that automate crucial steps of the development and analysis processes, enhancing their efficiency and reliability.

Featured News

Jacopo Mauro, together with Roberto Amadini and Maurizio Gabbrielli, won the Silver medal at the 2019 MiniZinc Challenge, an international annual competition of constraint programming solvers on a variety of benchmarks.

The second edition of the International Conference on Microservices (Microservices 2019) just ended. The 3-day event successfully brought together many international practitioners and researches interested in the software paradigm of microservices. It consisted of 5 invited keynotes and 30 contributed talks peer-reviewed by an international committee of experts from both industry and academia. This edition featured the first satellite for the conference series: a hackathon for university students.

On Jannuary 18th, Marco Peressotti presented the paper “Better Late Than Never: A Fully Abstract Semantics for Classical Processes” at 46th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (

On 2 November 2018, Fabrizio Montesi gave an invited seminar at the Driving IT conference, organised by the Danish Society of Engineers. Fabrizio’s talk was on “Jolie, the microservice-oriented programing language”. You can get the slides from the conference webpage for the seminar:

Latest News

On Week 34th (19th to 23th August) Jacopo Mauro and Saverio Giallorenzo lectured at the Cyber-security Summer School held at the KEA institute in Copenhagen.

Mauro lectured on DevOps culture and techniques and the recent declination of DevSecOps. Giallorenzo lectured on Microservice security concepts.

Marco Peressotti and Saverio Giallorenzo together with Florian Rademacher and Sabine Sachweh, from the IDiAL Institute in Dortmund, are organising the second edition of the International Conference on Microservices. The conference will take place between the 19th and 21st of February 2019.